Heavy Duty Driveline

Canada Wide Parts Distributors LTD. driveline parts include the best inventory of Spicer, Quality Gear, Neapco, Rocksford, and Meritor parts in the market. This includes end yokes, companion flanges, midship components, universal joints, steady bearings and much more! Agricultural driveshafts and parts are in stock for all makes of equipment, including Weasler, Bondioli & Pavesi, Walterscheid and Neapco.

A driveline can be made up of several components including the driveshaft, CV joints/kits, flanges, centre support bearings and universal joints.  The driveshaft is used for transferring power from the transmission to the drive wheels.  CV joints allow for a rotating shaft to transmit power on an angle, at a constant speed without an increase in friction.

A flange is either an external or internal rim (or lip) used to strengthen an object or to hold it in place. A centre support bearing is a junction between the forward part of the driveshaft to the transmission and the rear part of the driveshaft to the differential.  The yoke is a clamp like piece that holds two parts in position. Lastly, the Universal  joint is a joint in a rigid drive shaft that allows the driveshaft to compensate for angles and rotational forces.


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