Heavy Duty Differentials

Canada-Wide Parts Distributors LTD. has an extensive inventory of heavy duty differential parts. Manufacturers represented include Spicer, Clark-Hurth, Rockwell (Meritor), Eaton, and International. No-Spin Locking Differentials, Axle Shafts, Bearing & Rebuild Kits for all makes, along with planetary and final drive parts and assemblies are also in stock and ready to be shipped.
A differential is a drivetrain component that allows drive wheels in a vehicle to spin at different speeds. This is important because the path of an inner and outer wheel will not be the same during a turn (an outer wheel must turn quicker as it has to travel a longer distance than the inner wheel). We also offer specialty locker differentials. A locker will maximize traction by delivering 100% of available torque to both wheels and keeps your wheels in a constant drive mode. This kind of differential is commonly seen in a variety of off-highway applications forcing both wheels to turn in unison.
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